Riever - Audio Engineering



Stockholm, Nacka

The live studio is located in Kvarnholmen, Nacka (about 15 minutes from Slussen). It is 40 square meters with high ceilings and has service elevator access. The studio comprises a control room and a large live room which can easily accommodate a full band or provide a spacious environment for solo instrumentalists. The studio also has kitchen and bathroom facilities to help make for a comfortable session.

The recording facilities combine a high end analogue chain and top quality digital conversion. This allows for all the benefits of analogue recording with the flexibility and precision of digital editing.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the studio environment and carefully chosen equipment can provide the best possible recording. With a mix of modern and vintage equipment the results speak for themselves.

If there is something that you feel is essential to completing your recording project that we don't have listed, please feel free to speak to us. We can contact one of our many partners to try to source it or a suitable replacement. Anything from a particular instrument or amplifier to a vintage piece of kit.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.