Riever - Audio Engineering


Studio Equipment

We use only the right tools for the job. With an extensive range of microphones, monitoring, preamps, processors and converters it will be no problem to get the sound you are after.

Please ensure if you have specific requirements for equipment listed that the studio is notified to ensure availability.


AKG 414 XLS X 1
AKG 451 B X 2
AKG D112 X 1
Rode K2 X 1
Rode NT2 X 1
Sennheiser 421 X 1
Sennheiser e904 X 3
Sennheiser e902 X 1
Shure SM57 X 3
Sony ECM-99 X 1


Focusrite ISA 828 preamp X 8
Focusrite Green 6 compression X 4
MOTU 8pre preamp X 8
RME Fireface 800 X 1
Universal Audio 610 preamp X 1
DBX 266XL dual compression/gate X 1
Roland SDE1000 delay X 1
Korg MS2000B vocoder X 1


Dynaudio BM5A X 2
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X 1
Sennheiser eH2270 X 1
Sennheiser HD201 X 2
Vic Firth SIH1 X 1


Tama 5 piece drum kit
Gibson SG (vintage early 70s)
Westfield Les Paul
Washburn XB-400
Roland SH-101 (vintage early 80s)
Korg Poly-800 (vintage early 80s)
Moog Little Phatty
Access Virus TI
Korg ESX-1
Korg EMX-1
Korg MS2000B
Edirol PCR-30

Effects and pedals

Korg KP3
SansAmp PSA 1.1
Boss CE-5
Boss DD-7
Boss OS-2
Pro Co RAT
DOD Death Metal Distortion

Amplifiers and speakers

Fender Twin valve amp
Seymour Duncan Convertible 100 valve amp
Gallien-Krueger 400RB
EBS 412 Evolution proline 2000
Laney bass quad box