Riever - Audio Engineering



Welcome to Riever Audio Engineering. With over a decade of sound engineering and audio production experience in the United Kingdom, Australia and Sweden we offer outstanding sound production for your recording project. We have the experience and interest to cover a wide variety of styles with the confidence and ability to produce great sounding recordings be it indie, rock, acoustic folk, metal or jazz.

Whether you are a band or a solo artist wanting to record a demo, EP, album or just want to get some overdubs done Riever Audio engineering will get you the professional sound you are after. With a combination of some of the best analogue and digital equipment available we are able to provide high quality recording, production, mixing and basic mastering at very competitive rates.

We are able to provide you with assistance throughout the whole recording process, from helping with song structure and feel to giving advice on tonality or rhythm. If you already have great material and just want to get on with it, we can stand back and give impartial feedback to help you get the best takes down.

Riever Audio Engineering is located in Stockholm, Sweden but is also available internationally for extended or specialised projects.